Before my soul healing I felt I was riding an unmanned ship in a stormy sea. Occasionally, I would grab the wheel but inevitably would be thrown aside. I would be swept overboard grasping for a rope, a lifeline. I would re-board the ship only to repeat the process. I began working with Roan and everything changed. I became stronger, more able to stabilize the ship even when the seas attempted to engulf the entire vessel.

I’ve realized the inner strength I possess and the ability to heal myself. No matter who tries to sink my ship, I’m able to persevere, learn the lesson, and build myself up in order to evolve and change to stay ahead of the constant chaos and upheaval that life tries to throw at us. The tools I’ve gained by working with Roan are invaluable, and now, I’m the captain, no longer a helpless passenger of my journey. I highly encourage soul healing to those who need to learn to steady the ship and weather inevitable storms and to those looking to grow in strength and ability to create their own happiness.