True Fear

Sometimes you are scared by something/someone that surprises you. The fear passes. Then there is fear that sticks with you, its deep, its cold, it haunts you, and you change behavior because of it.

This second kind of fear needs to be faced head on. It must be dealt with – get help if you need it, but confront it.

Fear is evils greatest weapon. You hesitate, and you question everything. That is exactly where evil wants you. You are pliable in this state. Open to suggestion, you want to be rid of the fear. Its natural.

You stop doing what is right and start doing what is easy. They sometimes intersect.

Take a deep look at your actions – how much does fear drive them? And stop being afraid. Stand up and fight. Everyday and everytime. It will take time but soo worth it.

Be well. Live, laugh, and love.

Things Evil

We all have our demons. Some are large, some are small. Pride, greed, lust, jealousy, anger, and selfishness all play a part. As real as the food you eat, they exist to push and test you.

You must treat these emotions as physical and evil. The most horrible things start from that small whisper of jealousy or anger. Many times we hear what we want to hear. We are not objective. We fool ourselves. We strive for easy, not for reality.

Confront your demons – call them by name. (Names have great power by the way. More on that another time.). Once you stand face to face and you dont back down. It will hurt especially at first. But once you face what you have created, things get easier.

This is a game that never ends for the vast majority of us. Sometimes the demons are small and weak but many times we have fed them and they have grown. Its high time to starve the demons and feed youself.

Be well. Live, laugh and love.

Why We Hate

Bad things happen. Sometimes apologies are made and things are corrected, sometimes not. Sometimes there is no apology. And sometimes those responsible have no idea of their actions.

Whichever the cause, the result is resentment and anger. Do we let it pass? Do we forgive and rise? Do we take it out on another? Do we pass it to our closest friends and relatives? We hate because we are taught to hate. We develop pride and ego who conspire to ‘help’ us.

We want to be rid of the pain. Anger and resentment hurt. There is no quick fix.

So the hate persists, it grows like a cancer, and spreads. Is enlightenment the lack of reaction to anger and hate?

So you hate. I hate. What does it get us? In the end? Naught but pain.

So let it go. Bad things happen but what defines us is how we handle it.

Be well. Live, laugh, and love.

Those days

We wake up and it already feels wrong.  We try to excuse the feeling, ignore it, shunt it aside.  It sticks with us. 

So here is where things can change.  Do we let it become ‘one of those days’?  Or do we look for the good regardless?  Sometimes it is hard to find the good.  We all struggle with it.  The pain, the shame, the regret, the anger – they all play a part in making us worse off.  How can we fight that?  

Starting small is the best way.  Anyone still six feet above versus six feet below can find a reason.  Maybe its the color of your skin.  The smile that makes people laugh.  The love of your family.  Whatever it takes.  You are fighting a battle. Dont let the negative win.   

You deserve better. Your family deserves better.  All those around you and those you love deserve better.  Look around you and find something beautiful.  

Today is not just a day worth living but a day worth enjoying.  Smile.  You deserve it. 


Making mistakes is part of the human experience.  Learning from our mistakes is what defines us, its how we grow.  Being honest but forgiving with ourselves.  Should we forgive ourselves and others?  Yes.  Should we forget?  No.  

Remembering helps us shape our future actions.  Remember how you made the mistake – what were the steps?  Break this chain at any point and the mistake will not occur again.  Be conscious of exactly where you are mentally.  And make corrections. 

Will you fail again?  Of course – we all do. Hopefully the mistake will be a new one, and since you forgive, but do not forget, and adapt, hopefully you will not repeat the mistakes.  

Sometimes the cycle is harder to break.  Take extra steps here and think about how places, people, food, drink, drugs, and many other factors create a situation you cannot overcome.  Eliminate these factors.  Get your mind clean and your soul will follow.  

Will this fail?  Yes it will.  Will you stop trying?  Never.  This is your life.  Be aware of those who would use you for their gain.  They are not friends.  They are worse than enemies.  They pose as friends only to hurt you deeply.  Do not be that person.  Ask yourself if your actions are purely self serving.   

Live the process.  Enjoy the steps, but never, ever, surrender.  Be well, laugh, and love.  

of beauty

We spend so much time looking for beauty – in our friends, our work, our possessions, our physical appearance – but where does beauty truly reside?  In our mind and only there if it is true beauty you seek.  

Beauty is a choice and it is a deeply personal one.  Are we true to our true views or do we let others tell us what beauty really is?  Do we do what is popular versus what feels right?

The truth here is that beauty exists everywhere we choose to see it and in every interaction, every sentient being, every plant, every rock but only if it exists within us first.  We lose so much of what is beautiful with our critical thinking and analysis.  We choose to categorize everything to keep order in our lives.  Why impose order when our world has only one constant and that is change?

Embrace the chaos around us, see the beauty in every blade of grass, each floor tile, every stop light.

True beauty has a strong vibration that is subtle.  Feel for it in all of your interactions, strive to believe in what is wonderful, forget the pain, the disappointments, what happened to you yesterday.

Those that can see beauty of every moment actually live those moments.  These people can see the now, can hear the sounds of those who would help us, can feel the vibration of beauty around us.  Many of these people are children.

Don’t learn soo much that you forget how to think.

In our world today, the successful are those that are beautiful, have possessions, have power, have notoriety, have adoration.  We give ourselves away when we ignore the beauty that stares us in the face to look at the beauty others want us to see to serve their ends.

If you believe this is easy or simple to do, you are mistaken.  To see beauty, you must fight yourself first unless you are enlightened enough to have kept the simplicity and sight of a child.  This is a battle for your soul, do not treat it lightly.  You will need every tool you possess, all the love you can muster, and belief that your soul is meant to see all the wonder our world willingly show us.  Stand up for yourself, believe in the wonder of a child and the love you have for those most precious to you and fight.

Do I Really Want to Know?

Do i really want to know?  I feel its out there but I will not really face it.  Why not?  Its painful to know it, face it, and deal with it. Those are difficult and drawn out changes.
There are things we all feel but so few of us actually allow the feeling to become anything of substance.  We hope it goes away and most of the time it does.   When do we ever really pay attention to these feelings?  Usually when that is all we can feel or are forced to feel.  Yet we wish for connection but cannot speak the language.  We desire to have a way of knowing more but refuse to listen. We take the obvious in front of us as all there is and ignore the more important information that is soo subtle.  It is said the voice of the truly wise is not a shout but a whisper.
So we take the next step and sense the subtle.  And the reality of what we did not want to face subconsciously is right before us and it can be very scary.  We assign the same frailty to our spiritual being as to our corporeal being.  We create pain to go along with the fear and the injuries.  And we do not want to return.  The soft voice becomes too soft to hear.  Again.
But why do you allow what is in your head to determine how you believe?  You are greater than the sum of your parts.  You rule what exists within your mind, if only you take up the throne.  No one will hand it to you, you must take this yourself with the power of your own belief.  Then you can truly start to change, truly start to run your own life by starting with what exists in your head and driving away the fear, the pain, the negativity, the lust, the greed, the jealousy, and the anger.  Drive them before you like leaves before a hurricane and you will be free.