So it is 2018

New Year. New hope. New promises to keep. So we think of things we want to do. We hope and we dream.

But what do we do about it? Not tomorrow, or next week. Today. Now.

Keep your promises to yourself first and then keep promises to others. Set a plan. Get up early and work late. Don’t ever stop.

Will this be easy? Hell no but its the best you got. Work as hard today as you can and hope for another day.

All we really have is now. Use it. Change your life and help others. Dont back off or back down. Fight for what you want because no one else will.

Be well. Work hard. Be kind. Never stop.

Why today matters

There comes a time for everyone when getting motivated is hard.  The goal may even be just to get out of bed.  But think about it – this is all you have. No matter how successful how happy how lucky – today and now is all – it is everything.  Memories are great and hopes and dreams keep us alive but now is the best.  Why?

You can change everything right now.  Good decision = better future.  Bad decision = worse future but to be fair its hard to differentiate good vs bad.  So fo your best face the reality, find the beauty, show gratitude, smile, and laugh.  It is a wonderful life and a true gift.  

Create good memories by living a great now.  Its that simple.  Be well. 

Those days

We wake up and it already feels wrong.  We try to excuse the feeling, ignore it, shunt it aside.  It sticks with us. 

So here is where things can change.  Do we let it become ‘one of those days’?  Or do we look for the good regardless?  Sometimes it is hard to find the good.  We all struggle with it.  The pain, the shame, the regret, the anger – they all play a part in making us worse off.  How can we fight that?  

Starting small is the best way.  Anyone still six feet above versus six feet below can find a reason.  Maybe its the color of your skin.  The smile that makes people laugh.  The love of your family.  Whatever it takes.  You are fighting a battle. Dont let the negative win.   

You deserve better. Your family deserves better.  All those around you and those you love deserve better.  Look around you and find something beautiful.  

Today is not just a day worth living but a day worth enjoying.  Smile.  You deserve it. 

of beauty

We spend so much time looking for beauty – in our friends, our work, our possessions, our physical appearance – but where does beauty truly reside?  In our mind and only there if it is true beauty you seek.  

Beauty is a choice and it is a deeply personal one.  Are we true to our true views or do we let others tell us what beauty really is?  Do we do what is popular versus what feels right?

The truth here is that beauty exists everywhere we choose to see it and in every interaction, every sentient being, every plant, every rock but only if it exists within us first.  We lose so much of what is beautiful with our critical thinking and analysis.  We choose to categorize everything to keep order in our lives.  Why impose order when our world has only one constant and that is change?

Embrace the chaos around us, see the beauty in every blade of grass, each floor tile, every stop light.

True beauty has a strong vibration that is subtle.  Feel for it in all of your interactions, strive to believe in what is wonderful, forget the pain, the disappointments, what happened to you yesterday.

Those that can see beauty of every moment actually live those moments.  These people can see the now, can hear the sounds of those who would help us, can feel the vibration of beauty around us.  Many of these people are children.

Don’t learn soo much that you forget how to think.

In our world today, the successful are those that are beautiful, have possessions, have power, have notoriety, have adoration.  We give ourselves away when we ignore the beauty that stares us in the face to look at the beauty others want us to see to serve their ends.

If you believe this is easy or simple to do, you are mistaken.  To see beauty, you must fight yourself first unless you are enlightened enough to have kept the simplicity and sight of a child.  This is a battle for your soul, do not treat it lightly.  You will need every tool you possess, all the love you can muster, and belief that your soul is meant to see all the wonder our world willingly show us.  Stand up for yourself, believe in the wonder of a child and the love you have for those most precious to you and fight.

Do I Really Want to Know?

Do i really want to know?  I feel its out there but I will not really face it.  Why not?  Its painful to know it, face it, and deal with it. Those are difficult and drawn out changes.
There are things we all feel but so few of us actually allow the feeling to become anything of substance.  We hope it goes away and most of the time it does.   When do we ever really pay attention to these feelings?  Usually when that is all we can feel or are forced to feel.  Yet we wish for connection but cannot speak the language.  We desire to have a way of knowing more but refuse to listen. We take the obvious in front of us as all there is and ignore the more important information that is soo subtle.  It is said the voice of the truly wise is not a shout but a whisper.
So we take the next step and sense the subtle.  And the reality of what we did not want to face subconsciously is right before us and it can be very scary.  We assign the same frailty to our spiritual being as to our corporeal being.  We create pain to go along with the fear and the injuries.  And we do not want to return.  The soft voice becomes too soft to hear.  Again.
But why do you allow what is in your head to determine how you believe?  You are greater than the sum of your parts.  You rule what exists within your mind, if only you take up the throne.  No one will hand it to you, you must take this yourself with the power of your own belief.  Then you can truly start to change, truly start to run your own life by starting with what exists in your head and driving away the fear, the pain, the negativity, the lust, the greed, the jealousy, and the anger.  Drive them before you like leaves before a hurricane and you will be free.

What are You Missing?

Many of us strive to stay ‘connected’.  We fear missing something important.  We fear the insults of other accusing us of being out of touch, not involved, unengaged.

To what do you need to connect?  Why are things electronic more important than what is innate to us?  Is the connection with virtual worlds more vital, more fulfilling, more important to both our long term health and the health of our planet?  Can you sense a connection with the pixels?  Do you know if its really what you think it is, or is it what someone wishes you to see?  Can you change the angle by your desire, to see things differently if you wish?

What is important?  Not what does the world tell you is important – but what is truly important?  Can  you create or repair a connection that helps everyone?  Can you help pull a fellow human up off the ground?  What does the smile on your face cost you?  We can choose to return hate with love or compassion.  We can choose a higher path.  We can look to the long term versus the short term.

Is being out of touch a bad thing?  No, in many ways it is a great thing, as it allows us to live in the real world.  The lines that divide the real from the virtual world have become very confused and many have no idea what is real anymore.  Try putting the real people first and let the virtual ones wait.