The Hard Things

Life is not simple for anyone. We all fight demons, large and small. Some come in the form of people, and some are less obvious. We are all faced with hard decisions and tough consequences. How to make this decision?

Can you sleep that night having made the decision? How about tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Right <> Easy.

This process makes decisions easier. Its still hard and the pain may last for a long time but hopefully you can move past it with your head held high.

And get some sleep along the way. Think hard, be smart, stay true.

Live, laugh, and love.

When it just feels too much

Life is strange and wonderful. Even at its worst, there is beauty. Sometimes the hardest things create wonderful outcomes.

So today was hard. Maybe its a demon in your head or heart. Maybe its a failed relationship. Maybe you are too weak to fight an addiction. Maybe your body is ravaged by pain. Will these events define you?

Will you do your best to rise above or will you fall to the lowest common denomiator? Will you stand up for yourself and those you love? Or fall? Choose. And choose wisely not easily. Pay the price. Stand proud.

Today is another chance to choose.

So choose.

There is That Day

We all have them. The day where the previous night was rough and the following day is simply a continuation. Personal, professional, physical and spiritual its all horrid. You cannot focus and you wonder why you got out of bed.

But you did. And you are out there trying to do your best. You are trying to be kind despite what the world passes to you.

Some call it grace, some courage, some poise or presence. But it exists to some extent in all of us.

Realize what you had the courage to do today. Give yourself credit for what you have done. Get stronger today. Be kind today. If tomorrow never arrives, today will have been a good day.


Why is sex taboo?  Why do we speak of it in hushed tones, embarrassed to express our desires and needs?  We are forced to believe this is dirty, unnatural, an animal only desire that should be contained and controlled.

Bound, gagged, caged, diminished, beaten down, and broken is our sexual ego.  Many of us have been exposed to sex as a weapon, a means of control, another way to be associated with the weakest parts of ourselves.  We end up being so repressed we either accept the least common denominator – someone else controls our sexual ego – or we make errors and hurt those around us.

Sex is powerful and is not meant to be treated lightly.  In choosing a partner – how is sex treated?  Like a gift?  A prize to be won?  This needs to change.  While sexual compatibility is important and must be measured, the connection of souls is more important.  Sometimes this connection occurs through sex, sometimes it does not.  But does the sex feel right?  It is giving of yourself at a very deep physical level and shows both desire but also a level of trust and confidence.

Sex is part of who we are as humans at a very deep level and trying to repress it is based in belief that humans have ‘risen above’.  Humans have not risen despite our impressive cities, technologies, and weapons.  We are desperately alone and weak.  We hide behind our possessions, our egos, our sexual blustering – both a victim and a perpetrator of sexual control hides – and we pray to whatever god we choose that no one can see.

You have been granted great gifts and an amazing planet to inhabit.  Show it.  Not just in how you treat strangers, or your partner, but how you treat yourself.  Do not be diminished by those who will control you in mind, body or spirit and sex is the intersection of the three for many of us.  Think long and hard about where you are sexually and decide.  Today is the day for you to reclaim what is yours and be strong for others who need your help.