Why today matters

There comes a time for everyone when getting motivated is hard.  The goal may even be just to get out of bed.  But think about it – this is all you have. No matter how successful how happy how lucky – today and now is all – it is everything.  Memories are great and hopes and dreams keep us alive but now is the best.  Why?

You can change everything right now.  Good decision = better future.  Bad decision = worse future but to be fair its hard to differentiate good vs bad.  So fo your best face the reality, find the beauty, show gratitude, smile, and laugh.  It is a wonderful life and a true gift.  

Create good memories by living a great now.  Its that simple.  Be well. 


All i have is today, no all i have is now.  What will i choose?  Will i live the moment or dream of another moment, cheating this moment of its beauty? 

Today i choose to live those moments. I will fail.  I will try again. And fail.  But i will create better moments.  A few more each day.  Perhaps make someone smile.  Maybe even a laugh.  I will not let the ugly in. It can stay outside in the dark.  

Today i will try to be present for myself, for you, for all of us.  And if i make one persons life brighter somehow it will have been a good day.  

Make today a good day.  Take my hand and laugh with me or at me but laugh.