During a particularly tumultuous time of my life plagued by suicidal ideation, Roan offered his assistance. He was keenly tuned in to my situation and immediately knew when I had finally made an attempt. He came to my aid and helped get me stabilized. Roan was caring and non-judgmental, and I greatly appreciate everything he … Continue reading A1


Before my soul healing I felt I was riding an unmanned ship in a stormy sea. Occasionally, I would grab the wheel but inevitably would be thrown aside. I would be swept overboard grasping for a rope, a lifeline. I would re-board the ship only to repeat the process. I began working with Roan and … Continue reading A2


I was struggling in my personal life with a bad situation that was difficult for me and my children.  I felt very alone and had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Roan was able to channel his inner strength, calm, and protective powers to change the direction I was … Continue reading A3