Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does this work?
    • Great question and in Roan’s experience, everything is interconnected at a spiritual level.  So the connections contain energy and its like a trail of breadcrumbs.  Once a name is given (names are like labels and they possess surprising power.), it acts like a beacon, allowing Roan to reach out to the person.  This allows contact to be made, regardless of distance.
    • Once contact has been made and the issue(s) evaluated, then permission is needed to intervene unless the person is unconscious or unable to respond.  At this point Roan removes negative attachments, places temporary protections in place, helps cleanse the spiritual body, and then will stay in touch with the person until things improve.  This may take several interventions and weeks or months to stabilize.
  2. Why do negative entities attach themselves to some people and not others?
    • Negativity affects everyone, some show the affects more readily, but everyone is affected at some point.  Temptation and evil are ubiquitous in our society and it is very difficult to resist.  Even our poor moods or minor depression can invite negative entities and only increase the downward spiral.  Everyone has issues that cause them stress and if these persist over long periods of time, can become beacons for negativity.  The spirals can work in reverse as well, with positive begetting positive while negative begets negative.
  3. Why does Roan do this?
    • To help people.  He takes great joy in helping people break negative cycles and to see them be happy, positive, and productive.  This is his calling.
  4. Why does Roan believe he is called to do this?
    • He possesses an old soul.  This soul has been soldier, assassin, spy, protector, healer, and martyr.  Roan is aware of at least 5 separate lives, each unique and extraordinary but many colored by acts of violence.  Roan can recall his mistakes and death from each.  This life is to be penance for past sins.  Roan has no regrets, he cannot change his past, but he can carry the courage and love of life, in every form, forward.
  5. How can I get help?
    • Help in the realm of spirituality can be found in several ways.  There are those who can discuss your issues and perhaps identify them.  This is useful to realize what is actually driving your discomfort or creating difficulties for you.  Many can help cleanse your body and soul of imperfections.  A clean body and soul are wonderful attributes.   A smaller number can tell you what is causing your issue, cleanse body and soul, set up protections to prevent future negative attachments, and can deal with stronger negative entities.  This is much more helpful as it defines the problem, creates a solution and prevents the issue from reoccurring.

      Receiving this kind of help is immediately helpful and can reframe a life, but the larger issue remains that the original issues will remain until you know how to deal with these issues alone.  If you live on a boat, but do not know how to swim, others can save you but will not always be there.  Learning how to swim removes this as a future issue.  No one will swim confidently and easily the first time out, so constant help and feedback is crucial.

      What Roan can do and has done for years is look and see what is affecting you, deal with it, cleanse your soul, set up temporary protections, and monitor you for issues until you can fully help yourself.