Where Pain Hits

We all deal with pain – mental, physical, spiritual – and we all bear scars.  Whether you have scars is not important, but whether you have accepted the pain and look on the scar as a tool of growth.  Almost all pain subsides with time so how we deal with the period of pain says a great deal about the person we have become.  And whether we have forgiven so that we can move forward sets us up for personal growth via the freedom we garner by accepting.  We cannot change our past, and learning to let the pain fade and forgive allows us to move on and live today.

This sounds great, but does it really happen?  Yes, it can but only in time.  Give yourself time and space to analyze what is really going on inside of yourself and why you feel as you do.  Once you know these feelings and understand their root, you can then go about moving forward with less emotion.  We all make mistakes, some small, some large.  Whether you stand up for your mistakes and forgive others mistakes really sets your boundaries for where you can go in life and beyond.  There is no real mystery here, but we create such emotion and drama that it magnifies the conflict, both internal and external.

So we have this day to live, laugh, and love.  Will we live through the lens of yesterdays long gone, or will we wipe away the grit of pain and anger and see more clearly both our emotions and actions, but those of others?  Will we let the lens focus on the minutiae or pull back and look at the big picture?  Live your life looking forward to whether you will be proud of these actions in YOUR future.

Live, Laugh, and Love.  Be well.

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