What We Let Affect Us

My Mother loves to say “Into every life, a little rain must fall”.  We all have days where it is a downpour and nothing, nothing is right.  Sometimes we get to a point where it seems that surrender would be a better choice.  We have fought the good fight, what we do will not matter, our time here is done.

The important word there is Choice.  We choose what affects us as surely as we choose our clothes.  Sometimes it feels like there is no choice, and sometimes we are affected so deeply that we cannot control our reaction.

We do have a Choice.  We all possess gifts, many of us are incredibly talented, and we have duty to bring those gifts to help others.  The decision to help others is not an easy one, nor it is without pain, but once we start to focus on others, somehow our own issues become smaller.  This will not fix things, as there is much to be done about our own self image, but it helps us reset and get a start.

First, the pain must pass and this only happens when we start ignoring and taking away the power we give to the ugliest parts of our past.  Do not let yourself be taken to that place by people/things/thoughts/ideas that drive you down.  Reject what is the worst of you and look to the best, no matter how small, to set a new foundation for what will be the best of you.  Do not surrender to the worst without a fight.  This is a fight for your heart, your soul, and in some cases, your life.

Internal love and external focus will generate great joy in your life.  It is that simple to state, but as we all know, much harder to execute.

Externally and spiritually, we have nearly infinite possibilities if we choose to see them.  Stand up and let another day, another gift, come to you.  Give yourself a chance to do better.  Be well.  Live, Laugh, and Love.

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