Accepting without conditions

Your love – for whomever, whatever – does it have strings? Conditions? Needs? Requirements? Limitations?

Most do. To love unconditionally is to give a part of yourself without asking for anything – anything in return.  This is the love of a child.  We lose soo much by growing up and many of us lose unconditional love.  Sadly we can neither give it nor receive it. 

Yet to live such a life and in such a relationship is to truly be alive.  Like most things in life, do you have the courage to claim this by giving a deep part of yourself away?   A deep trust, belief, or faith must exist to make this possible.  

So much of the love we experience is conditional that we question the unconditional love as foolish.   We believe that it does not exist.  Just because you have not experienced it does not mean it does not exist.  

Question your life.  Wonder why.  Be grateful.  Be kind.  Laugh and love. 

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