When exhaustion overtakes you

When you have exerted yourself beyond your capacity, do not fight it unless you must.  Embrace the exhaustion.

We all have limits.  We want to grow beyond those limits and create new possibilities in our lives.  We want to heal, to learn, to become more capable, to get stronger, to adapt, to accept, to let go, and many other things.  But we cannot have strength unless we surrender to exhaustion.  Exhaustion is not weakness.  Weakness is letting your mind tell you what is possible versus what you spirit will allow.   Losing yourself allows you to embrace the exhaustion you experience in mind, body, and soul to grow.  Growth is a gradual process that does not happen immediately.  

We believe that overnight success exists. It is a lie.  Blood, sweat, and tears must all be spilled over significant time for success to take hold. What defines success?  Most would say it is a garnered level of mastery developed through hard work.  It is not a place but a mindset and it is a place where you must continue to work to maintain your ability.  

What allows work to happen?  Energy and discipline.  What enables energy and discipline to arise?  Rest.  And rest only truly happens when you embrace exhaustion as a friend and ally.  Embrace exhaustion today and ride forth to capture your dreams at first light. 

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