Do I Really Want to Know?

Do i really want to know?  I feel its out there but I will not really face it.  Why not?  Its painful to know it, face it, and deal with it. Those are difficult and drawn out changes.
There are things we all feel but so few of us actually allow the feeling to become anything of substance.  We hope it goes away and most of the time it does.   When do we ever really pay attention to these feelings?  Usually when that is all we can feel or are forced to feel.  Yet we wish for connection but cannot speak the language.  We desire to have a way of knowing more but refuse to listen. We take the obvious in front of us as all there is and ignore the more important information that is soo subtle.  It is said the voice of the truly wise is not a shout but a whisper.
So we take the next step and sense the subtle.  And the reality of what we did not want to face subconsciously is right before us and it can be very scary.  We assign the same frailty to our spiritual being as to our corporeal being.  We create pain to go along with the fear and the injuries.  And we do not want to return.  The soft voice becomes too soft to hear.  Again.
But why do you allow what is in your head to determine how you believe?  You are greater than the sum of your parts.  You rule what exists within your mind, if only you take up the throne.  No one will hand it to you, you must take this yourself with the power of your own belief.  Then you can truly start to change, truly start to run your own life by starting with what exists in your head and driving away the fear, the pain, the negativity, the lust, the greed, the jealousy, and the anger.  Drive them before you like leaves before a hurricane and you will be free.

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