What are You Missing?

Many of us strive to stay ‘connected’.  We fear missing something important.  We fear the insults of other accusing us of being out of touch, not involved, unengaged.

To what do you need to connect?  Why are things electronic more important than what is innate to us?  Is the connection with virtual worlds more vital, more fulfilling, more important to both our long term health and the health of our planet?  Can you sense a connection with the pixels?  Do you know if its really what you think it is, or is it what someone wishes you to see?  Can you change the angle by your desire, to see things differently if you wish?

What is important?  Not what does the world tell you is important – but what is truly important?  Can  you create or repair a connection that helps everyone?  Can you help pull a fellow human up off the ground?  What does the smile on your face cost you?  We can choose to return hate with love or compassion.  We can choose a higher path.  We can look to the long term versus the short term.

Is being out of touch a bad thing?  No, in many ways it is a great thing, as it allows us to live in the real world.  The lines that divide the real from the virtual world have become very confused and many have no idea what is real anymore.  Try putting the real people first and let the virtual ones wait.

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