What Drives Us?

So we try each day to find a meaning in our world, our life, and many times we fail.  Have many even started to wonder or question our existence?  How many question the current state of affairs – are all people represented?  Are children in peril?  What of other sentient beings – do we treat them with respect?  Or do we abuse them like we abuse the earth for our own gain?  The cycle of industrialization spins faster, fueled by our greed and the war we bring upon other humans, animals, the environment, and our souls.  Many of us are soul less, we exist to consume, to feel pleasure, to try and feel anything at all.  What are the easiest things to feel?  Those that speak the loudest, that offer the biggest level of excitement, that are popular, that make us feel important.

What can you do today to make this change?

  1. Get outside and find a quiet place.  Stop moving.  Take it in.  What to you see?  What do you feel?  There is strength and beauty all around you.  Take it in, share it with others.  Give your own beauty and strength back.
  2. Think about what you hear and see.  Consider your thoughts before communicating.  Much of what we think we know may not be true.  You will only understand if you take time to learn.
  3. Engage with those around you.  Ask them questions, learn from them, celebrate their victories, support their pain.  We all have different gifts, look for them in each person.
  4. Lower your consumption.  The less you consume, the less you have to make to support the consumption.  Think of what this consumption means to you and those around you.
  5. Find a way to heal pains of your past.  Your past is like your future – it exists in how you see it.  Do not diminish the pain or regret but accept it as part of your life and realize it has shaped you like anything being built.  Take these lessons and be wiser and kinder going forward.  Be kind to those who do not deserve it, help take their pain away.  Keep your head high and feel the pain drop away.

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